Healthy eating can sometimes be a struggle, but there are things you can do

Building a healthy sustainable  lifestyle can sometimes be a struggle, especially when there are so many conflicting pieces of information or fad diets out there that tell you different things. That in itself, is what makes things more complicated than it should or needs to be, especially if you’re goal is to live a truly healthy lifestyle, and not knowing where to start, can make it appear miles away from achieving your goals, if you’re unsure of where you should start. 

In all honesty though, it doesn’t need to be, and this blog is your guide to get you started.  

Plan your meals


Planning your meals, or “meal prep” isn’t just for us Personal Trainers or Nutrition Coaches, or those Fit buffs on Social Media, but this is something that you can easily add into your weekly routine too.

When you plan, you’re in the drivers seat of your food choices for the Week. I often like to meal prep on Sunday, and call this “Meal Prep Sundays”. You can prepare a list of things to eat for break, lunch and dinner, and also include some snacks throughout the day, to keep you going.

By planning and preparing your meals throughout the week, you eliminate that dreaded question we ask ourselves “What am I going to have for, breakfast, lunch or dinner” because, you’ll have already planned and batch cooked your meals for the week on Sunday




It’s said that we can bother under and over estimate the amount of calories we consume within a day, and can sometimes eat more food than we really need, or we under eat as we feel under eating will help us reach our weight loss goals faster. I advise my clients to stop eating when you are full, learning to follow and listen to your body cues does take practice, but the more you practice the easier this will be, if unsure as to what to put on your plate, try a balance of macronutrients (proteins, complex carbs, wholegrains, and healthy fats) with a balance of micro & phytonutrients  on your plate. 

Will I lose weight faster if I skip meals? 

This is often another misconception when it comes to weight loss and eating healthy, however, when you step into this realm, you’re walking on dangerous territory, as it will end up giving you opposite results to the ones that you need (now I know, there are other thoughts on IF etc) I get it though, there are times, when you’re just not hungry and I find that hotter weather can cause some to not be as hungry, although, there can be a tendency to snack and pick at sugary foods, but if, along with planning, and meal prep you eat regularly, and include high protein snacks, like yoghurt a boiled egg, or some nuts like almonds unsalted cashews, or fruit, such as apples, these can promote feeling fuller for longer.

Find what works for YOU 

I don’t know about you, but have you ever seen the results on someone else, or heard so much hype about something, you try it, only to be left like “is that it?” this is why I encourage to do what works for you. Not everyone is a cross the Ts dot the I’ type of person, and may find meal planning tedious, whilst there are those that will relish a good thought out meal, even down to the spices used, every body is different, and that’s ok. As long as you aim to consume a balance of nutrient dense foods on a daily basis, in the right amounts for you and your body’s goals and needs, you can really adopt the best method for you, and enjoy your healthy eating lifestyle rather than seeing it as chore

Want to learn more?

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