can i do cardio to lose weight?


However, cardiovascular endurance isn’t the only way to burn fat… though it does aid on a weight loss journey, 

As a Personal Trainer I get to work with clients who are either totally new to fitness, or have some fitness knowledge and experience. 

What is cardio?

Cardio is probably one of the first few words you hear on a fitness journey, 6 years ago, it was for me, and, can I be honest, I thought this was the only workout to do to lose weight, how wrong was I! 

Cardio will have you breathing fast and deeply, so that more oxygen can go into your blood, which in turn, will cause your heart to beat faster so that it’s able to deliver even more blood from your lungs to your muscles – that said, cardio is a workout that gets your heart rate up, that’s done continuously, think running, jogging, swimming as types of cardio.

If you’re newer to exercise, or haven’t done exercise in a while, don’t feel as though you have to endure an all out intense cardio session, you can start by incorporating low intensity cardio workouts such as, long walks, pedal biking, jogging & step aerobic


Here are some benefits of cardio:

Fat loss

This benefit alone, may be more than enough for some, if fat loss is your goal, adding in cardio to your weekly workout routine, will help you reach that, along with balanced nutrition. Cardio is also said to increase the body’s ability to burn fat.

Stronger bones & joints

Cardio exercises such as jogging, skipping, and other on your feet type cardio workouts, that help increase bone density, size, muscle capacity, that will help improve your strength and balance.

More energy

Cardio exercises give you more stamina and will help strengthen your heart. You may have heard it said that its 80% diet & 20% fitness, and that also plays a part as to how much energy, or mitochondria your body produces. The more active you are, the more mitochondria your body will produce. 

Better Sleep

If you’ve ever done a workout before that really put you through your paces, and found that you fell asleep really quickly and slept like a baby, you’ll have experienced the better sleep affect followed by exercise, which helps you feel more refreshed Top tip, so that you’re not counting sheep trying to find this sleep benefit, try exercising at least 1 or 2 hours before you go to bed.


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