Counting your Macronutrients

Written by Verona Angol

Written by Verona Angol



It’s actually one of my favorite things to do. Now, I don’t personally own a pet or a cat, but if you’re a cat lover and owner then you’ll know they can just about sleep anywhere, once they’ve found the sweet sleep space, that’s it, they’re off, deep in the land of nod.

Why can’t we all get some good sleep like cats eh!

But, not everyone is like cats, especially in the world of fitness, weight loss and SLEEP, and you may not know, but sleep, and the lack thereof does have an impact on your weightloss journey.


Ever wonder why one day you’re fine and then the next you want EVERYTHING, all the crisps, chocolate and ice cream you can eat, concentration and focus is a myth right now, and HANGRY is not the word

 No matter how much you’re eating well, or eating ‘clean’ you realise that you just can’t seem to get the same results as Sally and cue the self doubt questions “What am I doing wrong?

When we don’t get enough sleep, the recommended 7-8 hrs per night, the shift in hormonal imbalance occurs, so the hormones responsible for hunger and satiation cues, aren’t operating as they should

Research published in the Harvard school of public health showed how lack of sleep increases our ability to overeat 

Ever had the monologue with yourself, willing yourself not to eat all the things, but you just can’t manage to find the motivation or will power to see it through? I’ve been there too, and I now see the correlation that when I lack sleep my cravings are through the roof, not to mention how snappy and irritable I become.

Sleep goes onto affect more than just our sleep & hunger, studies have also shown that those who don’t get much sleep tend to weigh more than those who do get more sleep.

I get it though, the brain is busy whirring around, the next day’s task list whirring around, and the ones left over from that day, or endless social media scrolling, guilty of that one too, thankfully though, there are lots of things that we can do to help us get the right amount of sleep so that we can effectively reach our weight loss goals, and not feel as if we are the one’s doing something wrong, when we’re not losing weight like we’d hoped.

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