Most frequent questions and answers

When choosing the 4 week Macros Coaching package, you receive a Macros guide & Coaching on how to effectively adjust to your macro-nutrient ratio to effectively meet your body’s needs, 2 weekly online coaching sessions, 24/7 in app communication which remains throughout the package.

No. A day-by-day meal plan will not be provided, as registered Nutritionist’s & Dietitians are the only professionals qualified to do so. However, a guide that has been created by a Registered Dietitian will be provided as guidance for what kinds of foods can be included within your macros.

This guide is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any food allergy or condition, and therefore the client will accept full responsibility of using this guide if they so choose.

You will learn how to manage your own nutrition, as a lifelong skill, as opposed to ‘lose weight fast’ temporary solutions.

 In the 12 weeks+ packages these will allow you to hone in on your nutrition on a week-by-week basis, which will include a meal guide based on your individual goals.

I maintain professionalism and teach you how to effectively implement these skills after you have completed your coaching sessions.

Attend each weekly check in on time. 

Be patient with the journey.

 Body transformations will take time to build into sustainable, healthy habits. 

Trust that I will support you to get the desired results, but that also means transparency, commitment and willingness to learn new things and new habits on your amazing transformation journey.

  • Payment: You will enter into a payment plan (subscription) where all payments will be charged on a monthly basis (except macros coaching). (Completion of the coaching package is the responsibility of the Client). Once the Client Assessment has been completed, no refunds will be issued.
  •  Client Account will be closed if the Assessment is not completed within 14-days.
  •  If 2 consecutive check-ins are missed, the support will be lost, however, client access will remain in the app via messaging. 
  •  Memoirs of Faith Food Fitness Ltd do not accept direct payment, all payments be taken via third party (Stripe).
  •  All packages will be sold in GBP, should there be a requirement to purchase using a different currency, please contact prior to purchasing.
  •  By completing your purchase you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.