Fall Fat Loss – The 5 Day Challenge

The Fall Fat Loss – 5 Day Challenge to turn over a new leaf this fall is starting Monday 2nd November 

There’s nothing better than to sit with a warm slice of pumpkin pie washed down with your favorite fall hot drink with added whipped cream, sprinkles and more  but you promised yourself that this fall was the time you were going to focus on eating healthier.

So how do you, still enjoy pumpkin Spice, a slice of pie and still get to meet your weightloss goals completely?

Fall season, the time for cozy, chunky knitted jumpers, hot chocolate & Marshmallows, Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Pie, Chilli, & of course Thanksgiving, a time of course giving thanks, but that means bring out the turkey, and all the trimmings and let’s EAT.

But now that you’ve started to eat better, and Thanksgiving getting closer and closer, you’re worried that you’re going to be able to stay within your macros, and find balance to have those extra marshmallows without it tipping over the scales the morning after thanksgiving 

You’re worried that if you enjoy the holidays too much, you’re goign to put back on the weight that you’ve just lost, so do you stop the diet anyway, find another diet, or give up completely and start next year?


I’ve been where you are piling my plate with the smallest amount of potatoes as possible, so worried that if I enjoyed too much I’d gain it all back overnight, so there’s no judgement here, just someone who’s also been there, & knows what it’s like.

Carbs are not the enemy and let me tell you, I too love piping hot fresh crispy oven baked potatoes& know what it’s like when you can’t seem to help going up for more, what’s better you gotta have that recipe, right!


If we spend time restricting ourselves from the foods we enjoy during the fall & holiday season then:

  • Your blood sugar levels will drop
  • You become fatigued 
  • You’re tempted to skip breakfast & lunch to save room for dinner
  • You’ll end up craving high fat foods & ALL the sweet things – aka hangry & then this leads to feeling like you have no control over what you’re eating then 
  • You feel guilty for giving in…

The list continues

Good news however, is that you can build  build a sustainable plan, that helps you know what to do, give you confidence in counting your macros & have a new focus on nutrition during the holidays & hit the Holidays with confidence! 

The 5 Day Fall Fat Loss challenge is here to help you

This is for you if you


  • Being in your best shape yet while eating the foods you love
  • Adapting a way of eating to your lifestyle & schedule
  • No restrictive dos or don’t rules
  • Interchangeable with any diet you’re following; keto, paleo, low carb
  • Long term sustainable results. Still enjoy social life, & still have your healthy weight loss goal and want.. 

    Learn how to feel hopeful about getting the body you desire


    Learn how to feel hopeful about getting the body you desire


    Learn how it's possible to eat the foods you love with balance & moderation & still lose weight


    Two are better than one & having a community of like minded women doing this with you to support you on your journey.

  • LIVE Q&As

    Live sessions to answer your questions hosted by yours truly, your Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

The 5 Day Challenge equips you with the knowledge, support & tools you need to find food freedom & track macros with confidence!

You will not feel like you’re missing out on the foods you enjoy during these 5 days. A purpose built meal plan, with carefully selected recipes & shopping list that will help you make the healthy foods choices that will help you enjoy food without the restriction, with balance whilst meeting your weight loss goals and having a happy thanksgiving

PLUS LIVE Q&A’s, live Workshops, Challenge Workbook & 1 lady will get to have a live coaching session with me during the challenge 

THERE’S MORE All this together with like minded women all trying to figure out how to navigate thanksgiving, without guilt & overwhelm and learn how to actively track your macros for success. 


This is what you get in your challenge....

Recipes, Meal Planner & Shopping List

  • A purpose built meal planner that will take you through the whole 5 day challenge, and comes complete with the shopping list, macro breakdown, serving sizes & nutrition key, so if there are food intolerance’s you will be able to adjust according to your needs 
  • Simple, Delicious recipes! This challenge has been created to help make it as seamless as possible to follow in order to maximise your results
  • A Plant based meal plan is also available

Live q&A's & Daily workshops

  • Understand why things may not be moving as quick as you’d hoped
  • Debunk the Diet Myths
  • Learn how to track your macros for success & reduce the guilt & overwhelm that comes with yo-yo dieting

private supportive community

  • Join women on he same journey as you, as two are better than one & that’s the beauty of Community 
  • Share & get accountability from the rest of the group & increase your chances of success
  • Win some GREAT prizes! Including the Live Coaching session with me, & the chance to access my unreleased FULL 8 week Moms & Macros Course

What others say

"After months of losing weight from calorie counting, I hit a plateau. I was discouraged, constantly asking myself, "I'm staying well under my calorie goal, why am I not losing anymore??" I found Verona's page & asked her about macros. Macros changed my life!!! Within 3 weeks I had already broke through the plateau.."


Macros Client

"After working out consistently for 3 months and eating "clean" I was frustrated that I did not lose any weight. I continued my fitness journey with a new workout program and decided to leanr more about macros. After having my macros calculate and being given a simple program guide to follow, pounds quickly came off in the first few weeks. It was eye opening to see how small, simple changes in my nutrition would make such a big impact. I'm happy with my results so far and I'm continuing to learn how to fuel my body daily"


Macros Client

I was concerned & worried about sweet treats & that she'd binge but when she learnt how to manage her sweet tooth & macros she said this " "Thanks Verona! I am feeling way less bloated and have a lot of energy, so I l know nutritious food choices are making a difference. I have been sleeping pretty well, so great improvements on all fronts...."


Macros Client

ready to take that step for £5?

My name is Verona Angol, Qualfied Macros, Sports Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer. Atfter years of you-you dieting & lose weight quick teas & other weight loss schemes I hit rock bottom. But after I lost the weight, ditched the diet mindset & found food freedom without restriction and still lost weight it was a GAME CHANGER! I wanted to help others find the same food freedom from fad diets as I did, so I started VA Fitness & Nutrition Coaching. My clients love that I make them BELIEVE that weightloss is possible, & feel confident in their bodies again, even after babies. I can’t wait to support you


The recipes included in the challenge are for two people, if you'd like to cook for a family bigger than this, you can scale the ingredients up (or down if cooking for less than 2)

Each recipe contains serving suggestions, macro & nutrition information, and a barcode to scan the recipe into MyFitnessPal so it will calculate the macros for you

There is a dietary information key included in the recipes, there may be some recipes that contain nuts and allergens, please be advised to take extra care when making these recipes. 

A healthy range of weightloss is 1-2lbs per week, if weightloss is the goal, when tracking your macros consistently & ensuring you have a balanced nutrient dense diet, weight loss between 1-2lbs may occur, but there are no guarantees, as there may be other underlying factors preventing weightloss, which will we address some of those things during the challenge. 

The challenge beings on Monday 2nd November, you will  sent an email to access the private Facebook group, meal plan, shopping list, workbook and recipes in advance, so you will have enough time to prepare for the challenge in order to get best results! 

You absolutely can! This isn't limited to one Location, ALL are welcome. 

The Facebook group will remain open until the 13th of November, so if you've missed any of the live Q&As you have a chance to catch up

There are no subscription charges for this challenge. There is a one time fee for this challenge. 

Whilst every care is taken and extensive effort goes into preparing for this 5 day challenge, including materials and workbooks that you get to keep after the challenge, due to the digital nature of this challenge, we cannot offer refunds.

ready to get started?