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How to Exercise If you’re a Busy Mom

Written by Verona Angol

Written by Verona Angol

More than usual I’ve found I’m asked “why am I not losing weight”? Even to the point, I’m asked this daily. This got me thinking, how can I help those who are stuck in the cycle & want to break free from it?
So, I put together a podcast, which then turned into a 2 part episode, and you can find it here
So, why is it that 1200 calorie diets are not helping you? 

You need to be in a Calorie Deficit

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If you’ve ever been on a 1200 calorie diet, or any other diet for that matter, you will of heard this:
To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. This is true.
As a qualified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, I see more and more women eating this way. Who often experience confusion, disappointment and discouragement, to name a few,. This is because they don’t see the results that they were “promised” to get by eating this way. 
Can I be honest, I can see why this happens. You might be that Mom in a full time job, children to feed, and life is full on. Or you might also be the woman trying to navigate her way through this nutrition journey. Or, the other diets haven’t worked. You’ve lost, you’ve gained it back, you’ve yo-yo’d and this one, you’re hopeful, that it’s going to work this time

Not eating the right calories

There’s just something powerful and therapeutic about writing things down. When you get into to the habit of including your workouts in with the meal plans, the laundry etc, you’d be more than likely to follow this plan, and it will allow you to see how much time you can actually dedicate to workouts, and the time of day you do them.

 According to dietary guidelines a female child from the age of 4 – 7 should be eating 1200 calories, now there are women due to height age weight and other factors who can consume that amount, according to their needs, and in fact the diet was introduced initially years ago, by a Medical Doctor, and years later ironically by a Male Dr for Morbidly Obese Patients, so they could reduce weight based on this calorie amount to reduce the risks of death and other complications & ensure they were at a weight where bariatric surgery, could safely be performed safely and to minimise the serious health risks and complications. 

In fact, not eating enough, can actually hinder instead of enhance your weight loss goals. Often those who are on 1200 calorie diets are often doing excessive amounts of cardio as often, they think if they do this, they will lose weight “quicker” and if not, they just exercise more and workout more, when hear me when I say, ladies,  doing this consistently can put your health at risk and cause damage to your body. 

you're exhausted

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When you’re in an extreme calorie deficit you’ll notice normal duties tend to take 10 times a long, where you’re doing a workout, you find you don’t have the energy to give it all you got, even though you may feel like you are, it’s because you’re running on fumes, your body is hungry, your body is tired and it physically cannot give any more, so all the food it does get it just holds on to it

There is always time

Popular to contrary belief, there is time to for exercise. Now it might be that the time you do have may be limited, however, there’s still time to get some form of movement in for the day, is it realistic to expect to be able to do 2hrs of workouts a day? While you’re a Supermom in that you do all these jobs well everyday, even if it doesn’t feel like it, a 2hr workout that works for Sally down the road, may  work well, but if this isn’t your reality, that’s OK, work with what is. 

Make it a date

Just as you would with a coffee catch up with a girlfriend, or your Husband for date night, schedule exercise in the same way, if you can only do 20-30 minutes great, start there, any movement is better than no movement, and when the children get older or you have more time you can shift things around, but when you’re just starting, start with small actionable steps that you can do

  • Wake up earlier to do a home workout
  • Workout in your lunch break 
  • Where safe, go a for a walk, once the children have gone down 
  • Involve the children in a dance session (where applicable, and is safe to do so) 
Choose the time of day that works best for you and then match the workout to that time, for example if the whole household is asleep you may not want to do a vigorous loudly energetic workout, and may opt for a 20 minute Pilates session


You just got through Day 1 of the rest of your amazing journey, don’t be too hard on yourself! 

If you miss a day because you’re tired, or the baby is unwell, it’s OK.

It’s about setting goals, that are possible that are realistic,  and set a time frame of when it will happen, and celebrate the small wins,  as well as the big ones, I bought new gym clothes is a still a win. I worked out 1 day this week, this is an achievement. I did 1 extra rep, I pushed hard, I feel myself getting stronger, these are all fantastic goals to celebrate.

You got this momma! 

If you’re struggling on where to start with your fitness journey and feel you;d benefit from some help. Book a free coaching session with me here and we can discuss how to start your journey

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