"THis weekend isn't going to be the greatest for me because I'm travelling"

With lockdown easing, and travel restrictions slowly lifting, and Summer Holidays fast approaching, given the last few months we’ve had, unprecedented times, there may well be some driving across towns for some time away from it all just to unwind and spend time with family, and loved ones. 

The statement above comes from one of my clients who after sharing with me one her momentous wins in one week, she shared this statement with me, and she’s just getting started on her journey , you can almost hear the defeat in that statement,.

If you’re starting your fitness journey again, or for the first time, and you’re worried how to stay on track on your travels, I’m here to help!

As always, I like to prepare you, my blog family, and clients, to have success, and not feel like you have to eat ‘what everyone else eats, because you have no choice’. One of my biggest passions is to help so, if this is you, keep reading!

  1. Mindset matters

If you take a look back at the opening statement from my client, she’d already admitted defeat, just in this one sentence! It’s amazing how quickly our thoughts can shape our realty, so I pressed further and reminded her of the incredible win she had this week, and what could be done to keep going.

“As we think, so we become”

         2. Prepare for the occasion 

After the unprecedented times we’ve had this year, I get it if people are like I just wanna hit the road, window down, wind blowing through my hair, smile beaming on my face at the visions of me (or you rather) chilling by the pool side, shades on)

Pack a pair of your favourite running shoes if you plan on going for a run, or shoes that are suitable for the occasion, its important to have more than one pair of training shoe, as they help support you for different exercises. 

For example, if you’ve ever been to the gym and you see females sporting a fresh pair of Vans or Chucks as they lift weights, or do weighted squats, aside from looking super trendy,  but also because they’re flat, allowing for greater contact with the ground, as well as keeping your feet flat, which better ensures your foot is supported for this specific exercise, when lifting bar or dumbbells.  

When it comes to nutrition, I was notorious for packing all the fizziest drinks my suitcase and hand luggage could possibly handle, I’d call it my energy pick me up that came in handy, especially for those long drives, but they’re not only laden with sugar, they pack some calories too, sure they taste nice, but if you’re aiming for long term health, and a healthier lifestyle, you may want to swap these out for something with less sugar and something that takes you closer to your goals. 

 Whether you’re the driver or a passenger there are many many high quality protein bars, snacks, treats out there that you can both buy or bake yourself, and improve your chef skills at the same time.

Planning and preparing doesn’t have to be long and arduous, but just a little forward innovative thinking that helps you with your successes.

If you’re stuck for quick & easy protein snacks, think cheese, edamame beans, yoghurt drinks, packed in a cooler, little cuts of meat and cheese together, protein helps keep us satiated and fuller for longer.

3. Eating out

If you’re anything like me, and you too enjoy eating out, but you’re trying to watch your waistline, this doesn’t have to be overwhelming for you, success is also found in getting the support of those around you, though they may not eat the way you do, they can support you by going to a Restaurant that has a friendly menu (which most, if not all Restaurants do these days, if in doubt ask for grilled chicken, some veg and some healthy fats) 

If you don’t have a supportive community, feel free to join ours over on Facebook.

If you’ve dipped your feet into the waters of Calorie Counting and are yet to grasp it, try macronutrients, though this still involves numbers,  it doesn’t involve the same process as calorie counting, and the overwhelm.

I LOVE counting macronutrients, because it gives me the freedom to be able to eat a balanced diet on a daily basis, so I’m free to eat carbs, proteins and healthy fats, that help me, not only get what my body needs, but also meet the fitness goals that I have.

Whilst you may not be able to bring your food scales with you to the Restaurant, you can however, prepare before you even get there, by working together with the restaurant staff and the menu to work a meal, and treat too that still fits inline with your Macronutrients.

Staying on track with your goals can be done, with a bit of planning.

I’d love to hear how you’re planning to spend your Summer holidays 2020 leave a comment in the box below. 

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If you’ve tried calorie counting and want to try macros instead, head on over to my website and snag yourself a spot for my 4 week Macros Coaching Programme

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