I've seen other people lose weight with keto, I want to too

I love me some bacon & eggs and this has come to be a staple breakfast in the keto kitchen.

I was approached by a client wanting to work with me, who shared the above as her reason for wanting to lose weight, but, as Keto is not for everyone, is it the right method for you.

As a Nutrition Coach I get to work with clients who come with a blank sheet ready to lose weight, and those that are well averse to various diet mindsets.  Whilst this post is not to promote Keto, I understand, that there are some clients that will want to work with me, who will be using the ketogenic lifestyle, and if you’re considering joining my 12 Week Coaching Programme and want to start the keto lifestyle, I’ve put together this blog to help you make a fully informed decision


Many people jump feet first into Keto, full of enthusiasm, because they know a friend, or family member that’s done the same, have seen what they did, and want those results too. While it’s said that a low carb diet, such as keto, can help with weight loss, keto, may not be suitable for everyone.

“I want the results that you’ve had with keto, how did you do it? “



The ketogenic, or keto diet, as it’s more commonly known, is a very low carb high fat diet, (think all the eggs, avocados, & bacon you can eat) this diet is very similar to other low carb diets. A person will go through a process where their daily intake of carbohydrates, is reduced to a daily gram percentage, and the process will also involve your body going into a metabolic state called ‘ketosis’, it’s also likened to lowering blood sugars and insulin, where your body will burn ketones for energy, as opposed to carbohydrates.

Tell me more Verona, what’s in it for me

The ketogenic diet is said that it can help you lose weight, and also reduce other health conditions, however, conclusive research to support these claims are yet to be found conclusive, so if you are thinking of taking this up, spend some time researching to find if this is really right for you, your goals, and your body type.

Ok, so what’s the ‘bad’ news

If you’re someone who enjoys eating carbohydrates to refuel your body, or just enjoy a sugary treat every now and then, along with an array of fruit & veg, beans, pulses and legumes, then you may find the restrictions of not being able to enjoy these delicacies more restrictive than anything, leading to taking its toll on you, mentally, physically, and emotionally.


As the Keto diet is more of a ‘high fat’ diet, its often encouraged to eat meats & foods high in fat, such as cheese, oily fish, avocados, eggs, bacon, etc

So, what’s wrong with that, if I’m losing weight that’s great, right? 

I love me some bacon and eggs, I really do, but for those of you that are like me, and also like a fresh hot slice of toast to go with that, and a side of beans, you may or may not be struggling with this concept of losing weight. For those that were convinced at ‘lose weight’, I would be doing a disservice to you if I also didn’t let you know some of the side affects of the ketogenic diet. 


 Hard to keep up long term
Due to the restrictions of the keto diet, it can be emotionally draining for some to continue following, which also leads to a depletion of key vitamins and nutrients the body needs, as well as a decreased intake of fibre, leading to constipation. (the not so nice side affects of the keto diet)
  • Other cons include:
  • Bad breath
  • Foul smelling urine (and female parts)
  • May regain the weight lost
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Can have a negative affect on other aspects of your health
For more medical advice about the ketogenic diet click here
Before I became a Nutrition Coach, and Personal Trainer I too was at a point in my journey where I’d had enough,  I was tired of seeing my reflection in the mirror, I was tired of the constant battle with sickness, and I was “fat, fed up & frustrated” all the time. I experienced both pros and cons with my short stint on keto, I set a goal and was able to meet that goal, but this isn’t about me right..?


 This is just a small snap shot about the ketogenic diet,  if you’re someone who is desperate to lose weight, and you’re tired of yo-yo dieting and want to learn how to eat to fuel your body and find  sustainable results, or, if you’re considering the keto diet as a way to shed some extra lbs,  and are still not sure if this is the right fit for you, I’d encourage you to have a chat with your Dr or Physician about the diet.
My 12 week coaching program is designed to support you to meet your weight loss goals, and you can sign up here & also book your free 30 minute coaching session with me, if this isn’t you, but you know someone who’d benefit from this blog, please hit the “share it” button below.  
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