With summer now here, can I eat healthy

By Verona Angol

With Summer officially here, bring out the BBQs, crank up the Summer tunes, pull put your Summer wardrobe & basque in the rays of beaming sun.

This is a great time to sit and relax with family, and friends, whilst also remaining at the recommended distances during the lockdown we’re in at the moment. 

Even as I write this blog, the Sun is beautifully beaming through the window with a cool summer breeze to accompany its rays. 

“I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket” Kellie Elmore

Summertime usually the time for holidays, lots of pool time, swimsuits and ice cream. The days are longer, and the nights are shorter, warm weather, and the children break up for school holidays. 

It’s also a chance for us to get a top up on Vitamin D, which is good for bone health and those pearly white teeth, a few other benefits. 

With all the things that we love about summer, we need to add to that list of love, our bodies and how we can fuel them during summer months, so that we don’t become dehydrated. So how can you stay hydrated during these summer months, I share my tips below. 

  1. Stay Active

A walk in the park, on the beach, or getting in a early morning workout in before the sun rises, for 30 minutes to help keep you active throughout the summer days. 

2. Stay hydrated

Be sure to keep hydrated throughout your day, it’s important to rehydrate, with water, if water is too plain, you could opt for some plan fizz aka, carbonated water, and add some flavour drops, or infuse it with fruit, such as cucumber slices, strawberry and a touch of mint. 

3. Stock up on fruit & veg

Veggies a packed full of fibre and help keep us fuller for long, and there are a number of fruits that you can also eat, if you’re watching your sugar, intake, choose lower sugar fruits, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Fresh veg is great, but frozen veg can also be a staple product and they last longer.

With the endless BBQ invites you’ll be getting, try experimenting with foods you wouldn’t normally eat, but also fit within your daily macronutrient count, balanced carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, such as olive, coconut or avocado oil, pair this with some veg or salad and you have a go to lunch or dinner.

These are some of my tips  to stay healthy this summer. 

What are some of your go to Summer meals?