FANTASTIC! You’ve made the decision to get fit, whether that be for the first time in a long time or you’re a newbie, welcome to the wonderful world of Fitness.

One thing to remember and to also give yourself grace on, is that ad age saying that you won’t lose weight or gain muscle overnight, I would love to lose a few lbs, and gain some muscle definition overnight, but sadly it doesn’t work that way, however, it is a process, a press that

"It takes time, grace and patience and armed with these three things, you're more than likely to succeed on your fitness journey "
Verona Angol

Don’t give up though, as there are lots of workouts and programs that are designed for beginners, and as a Personal Trainer, that’s what I do, design .workout programs to help you get the best results, so there are options, some of those option involve a combination of fitness, nutrition and accountability. 

So let’s talk a little about how


As a Nutrition Coach and also having had my own struggles with food, I’ve learnt the importance of having a balanced nutritious diet, and I share that information with you, and and my clients, whilst helping them learn the skills that they need to maintain their progress made.


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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’m a firm believer in doing the exercises that you love, as quite simply, there’s nothing worse than doing something you don’t enjoy. 

So I’m definitely an advocate for doing  workout that helps you meet your goals, and is one that you enjoy, and the icing on the cake is there are loads of ways to get it done, whether it’s going for a brisk walk, a run, for few laps in the pool (if you have one) dance, weightlifting,  the list goes on


The thing I see often is incorrect posture, or form when doing an exercise, and one in particular, but not limited to, is the forearm plank, hips are either way too low putting pressure on your lower back, or you hips too high, which will end up taking you out of the move completely, or lastly core is not engaged, which will help stabilise your body, when performing the exercise.

If you’re unsure of where to start, try a 20 minute dance routine , Yoga or Pilates, which doesn’t involve any form of jumping but is sure to keep your heart rate elevated and is gentle on your joints, and helps improve hip flexibility.

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